Chris Brown’s Billboard Music Award’s Performance…Do You Have a Problem With Him NOT Singing Live??

Last night’s Billboard Award show was exactly what its always been; The “Step Brother” to the real award shows, The American Music Awards and The Grammys.  This is always evident in the size of the sets, productions and performances.  Yet, like always, Chris Brown STILL delivered the high energy and danced filled performance that is quickly making him one of the hottest live performers of our time!  And just like always, there’s haters that just don’t want to accept that.

Ok, so true, Chris wasn’t singing live during his performance.  But is this the first??  Is he the first to break the unwritten rule of “never lip sync even if you’re doing intense choreography requiring more energy than most can deliver”??  Janet Jackson use to do it plenty of times.  We all remember Brittany’s lip syncing performances.  Heck, even the greatest of all time, Michael Jackson, lip synced “Billie Jean” at the historic Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever (1983)! Everyone in the business knows that!  Well, maybe Pink and Joe Jonas don’t.  Hmmmm….

“One day if i lipsync, i hope i do it as well as him…” (Pink)

“What happened to people singing live???” (Joe Jonas)

I’m convinced that the Chris Brown’s haters have nothing to do with whether or not he’s actually singing or not but the fact that some are still pissed and unforgiving of the incident between him and Rhianna a couple years ago!  People, it’s def time to move on and begin to recognize that his talent is unbelievable and not going anywhere!  Get over it, people.  Move on!  Chris has.  The majority of the industry has.  Hell, even Rhianna has!

Check the performance below and let me know your thoughts.

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