American Idol Winner, Phillip Phillips…Now What?

After winning the 11th season of American Idol last night, Phillip Phillips is not quite out of the woods yet.  He still has to break the barrier that has constrained so many other American Idol winners in the past.  The winners that went on to obtain platinum success in music is almost the same percentage of those that won and went…well, nowhere!

Season 1:  Kelly Clarkson took off to an amazing start.  Faded out a little bit but is still making moves and drawing crowds.

Season 2:  Rubben Studdard couldn’t deliver a successful album so he did what any desperate artist would do: go Gospel.

Season 3:  Fantasia Barrino has experienced more success than most although has delivered an equal amount of drama to go along with it.  Go read the stories of her run with the production “The Color Purple”.  She also confirmed the fact that “Once Ghetto, Always Ghetto”.  Yikes.  Season 3, though, did give us Jennifer Hudson who placed 7th in the competition yet went on to win multiple music awards and an Oscar for her role in Dreamgirls!

Season 4: Carrie Underwood is perhaps the biggest selling A.I. winner to date!  She’s practically taken over the Country Music Scene and is now considered royalty within it.  She was featured on Oprah’s Next Chapter last week.

Season 5:  Taylor Hicks…well, you can go Google Taylor Hicks.  We’re not gonna spend time on him here.  He hasn’t done anything!!  Sorry!!  #NoOffense  *Side Note* Taylor could pursue a career as a George Clooney stunt double.  Just saying…

Season 6: Jordin Sparks has done tremendously well!  She’s gone on to record hit records with some of the biggest names in R&B music, although she hasn’t really solidified herself as a “major” player in the business yet.

Season 7:  David Cook is…well, Idk where David Cook is.  Suppose I could find out if I Google him, but that would defeat my point that he didn’t go anywhere after winning!  Hell, David Archuleta did better than him and Archuleta was the runner up!

Season 8:  Kris Allen won Season 8 and is probably on tour with David Cook.  His runner up, Adam Lambert has had more success with controversial performances and music.

Season 9:  Lee DeWyze won Season 9 and then went back to working at Lowes Home Improvement or something like that.  Not sure what he’s doing nowadays but I do know what he’s NOT doing:  David Letterman, The Grammys, Ryan Seacrest’s Rockin’ New Years Eve, etc.  Wow.

Season 10:  Scotty McCreery, my personal favorite, is on a fast track in the foot steps of fellow country singer and A.I. winner, Carrie Underwood as being a major force in the Country music biz.  His debut album has  already gone PLATINUM and he’s touring arenas with Brad Paisley!  This kid is destined for greatness and I saw that early in the season during his initial audition.

Season 11:  So, now Phillip Phillips can see that although winning the competition, success is not going to be handed to him.  It’s going to take a great team and a lot of work to succeed in this business.

There is no fast track to success in the music biz.  If you can manage to make yourself relevant and then find a way to stay relevant then you’ll do great.  Otherwise, you’ll just be another entry in Wikipedia.

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