Hip Hop Beefs, Rock Band Battles….DJ Beef??!! WTF??

It seems that mega DJ Demau5 and DJ Pauly D are beefing!  I know, right???  And we thought there wasn’t anything more to Pauly D than hair gel and tanning.  He’s got a tanning bed in his house, you know.  Oh, you knew that already?  Ok.

So, it seems that it all started via that evil, devilish, wicked thing we call Twitter  (I swear Twitter has helped start more beefs than the World War I & II combined)!  Last week after seeing Pauly D’s new video, Deadmau5 tweeted that the video looked embarrassingly cheap…“like it cost about $150 to make” (Deadmau5 Tweeted).

Pauly D replied that he was flattered that Deadmau5 would speak about him, yet humbled himself as the bigger and more respectable DJ.  BUT THEN, yesterday happened!  And DJ Pauly D, with his full blow out and perfect tan decided to strike back.  He tweeted a pic of a Deadmau5 CD in the CLEARANCE RACK!!  Low Blow!!!  But hell, it was a great hit.

Can’t we ALL just get along??!!!  Take a look at the pic and the tweet below:


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