Jennifer Holliday Takes Jessica Sanchez to Diva School on A.I. Last Night!

Ok…so, I was out last night and only caught the last 30 minutes of A.I. so I missed all the performances.  I’ve been playing catch up all day and first let me say I’m completely sickened by the rendition of Bruno Mars song, Runaway Baby!  Wth were they thinking?!  Anyway, this is not about that.

After recovering from the Runaway Baby disapointment, I then clicked on Jennifer Holiday and Jessica Sanchez singing And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going.  UNFREAKIN’ BELIEVABLE!!  First let me say that Jessica certainly held her own while sharing the same stage with the legendary Jennifer Holiday!  Jessica proved in that performance that she is ready to run with the Divas!!

BUT, I’ve been in this business for too long not to recognize that when you challenge a Diva, you better be ready for the wrath she’s about to unleash!  And J Holliday did just that!!  She allowed Jessica to have her spotlight, but she damn well wasn’t gonna let her show her up in front of millions of people!  Lol… The performance was awesome!  TOTALLY blown away that Jennifer Holliday can STILL deliver like that!!  I got chills as soon as she started singing!!

IMO, best performance of the night!  Check the video below and let me know your thoughts!

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2 Responses to Jennifer Holliday Takes Jessica Sanchez to Diva School on A.I. Last Night!

  1. Merlinda says:

    All I have to say is that Jessica sung it better than Jennifer Holiday! This is a 16 yr old and singing like that OMG! There’s like a 40 yrs difference between these two and JESSICA killed it! You are right that Phil won because of populatity and not talent. Jessica you are the WORLD Idol and Phil is American Idol. My prayers are with you Jessica and I hope you will record some gospel music. I do intend to purchase you cd when it is released. My money will be rightly invested .
    God bless World Idol!

  2. Merlinda says:

    I was not saying that Jennifer Holiday didn’t do an excellent job But, for a 16 yr old to sing with the grammy award winner and to maintain herself up on that stage they way that Jessica did it phnominal!!! This young lady will be named Grammy Award Winner real soon! God bless these two outstanding singers!

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