Justin Bieber Announces New Tour to Support New Album, “Believe”

So, earlier this week, Justin Bieber announced plans for a new tour to support his upcoming  album, Believe.  As expected, his new protégé Carly Rae Jepsen will tour with him.  I personally can’t name her current “hit” song, but I guess that’s one of the benefits you get for being “JB’s artist”. 

Bieber is sure to sell out this tour due to his consistent and loyal fans.  Although the Biebs is 18 years old now, on his 3rd album and in a relationship with an older girl (ok, so she’s only one year older…but still), his tour stops will still most likely be filled with tween girls accompanied by their moms.  That’s still his fan base.

There will certainly be a lot of money made on this tour, but I predict that the next album after Believe and the tour to support that album will be scaled down from arenas to theaters.  Unless he can find a way to mature his music a long with his image he’s destined to join the likes of Aaron Carter in the headlines of TMZ.  I noticed this last Christmas when he performed songs from his Christmas album but just couldn’t hit the notes and deliver like he did before;  before he hit puberty!  Last week’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards was a confirmation that he’s on his way out.  It was definitely evident that he was trying really hard to create an “epic award show performance” but compared to the  sets that Chris Brown and Usher delivered…Justin had no chance.

The new song, Boyfriend, is a horrible attempt to channel Justin Timberlake, which we ALL know that Bieber is definitely NOT no Justin Timberlake.  I have a feeling his entire new album will be an attempt to be harder, edgier and maybe even a little rebellious, trying to capture an audience over 13 years old.

Bieber’s team need to focus on one word if they want JB to stick around for the next 20 years:  Relevance.  Good luck JB.

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