J. Cole Laughs Off Diggy Simmons Beef…Did ANY Of Us Ever Take This Serious In The 1st Place??

In an interview w/DJ Drama, J. Cole laughs…Uhh, I mean, squashes any beef with 17 year old Diggy Simmons.  Lol…

Check out what he said below:

“There’s nothing going on. I’m not even thinking about it,” Cole said in an interview with DJ Drama. “What am I gonna go beat Diggy up? It’s not gonna happen. It’s Diggy Simmons, just remember this. He’s good, he’s talented, but he’s a kid. I was really surprised when people were making that an issue. That’s not the type of beef you want to be involved in.” (Drama Like The DJ)

So I gotta ask, did any of us actually take this beef serious??  Yeah, I know Diggy was coming to the rescue of his sister but Diggy guess what…yo sister(s) are hot and they banging…I mean “dating” high profile dudes in the industry.  J. Cole ain’t the problem, bro, your sister is!  Now we know your Pops knows about rap beefs so you oughta check with him before you try and go after a street MC like Cole.  Luckily Cole, himself didn’t take it seriously.

Here’s a little advise for young Diggy;  Pick a fight with Mindless Behavior, Jayden Smith or maybe even Justin Bieber.  You’re better off in that league.  That way you won’t risk getting chewed up and spit out by the majors.

What’s your thoughts people??!!

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One Response to J. Cole Laughs Off Diggy Simmons Beef…Did ANY Of Us Ever Take This Serious In The 1st Place??

  1. egrizzly305 says:

    All the hip hop beef shit is silly. These dudes are eating. What’s there to get upset about? As gangster as some hip hop dudes claim to be they sure get sensitive alot. Who cares what someone else says about you. You’re eating. Obviously people like what you are doing or you wouldn’t have money in your pocket. And people use the excuse as it’s part of the hip hop culture blah, blah, blah but there’s a difference between someone being insecure and someone who wants to kill you. Hip hop beef is a theatrical promotion move just to sell records. It’s not real. MC’s need to stop being so sensitive, and insecure and stop knocking other MC’s. Like a bunch of crabs in a bucket. Always bringing each other down. Sensitive thugs all need hugs. Cole made the right move.

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